Drive-Thru Open House 9/16 (update)

September 4, 2020

Dear Families,

Due to continued hazardous air quality, we are forced to adjust our materials drive-thru for tomorrow, 9/16, to accommodate for staff working indoors only. Please follow these directions and we hope it will be a quick and easy process:

  • 1st through 5th grade will pick-up materials along the east side of the school, on the playground blacktop area. Please drive down to the “Red Garage” located on Hamilton Creek School Drive, and ENTER through the open gate*. Follow the cones to the blacktop and then look for your child’s grade level (marked by balloons) outside the exterior classroom doors. Pull up close to the door, get out and either knock or someone will be waiting at the door to assist you. Let the staff member know your student’s name and their teacher. Please practice social distancing and wear a mask.
  • Please continue to pull around the blacktop loop and leave out the EXIT gate. Not the same gate you entered through.

*It’s a tight fit, so if you have a big SUV or truck, take caution. Most vehicles should fit, but if you don’t think your rig can make it, go ahead and park in the main parking lot and come into the front office and we’ll assist you from there.

  • 6th through 8th grade will pick-up materials in the gym. Please pull into the bus slip following the enter sign. Pull forward as far as you can up to the cones, park, and walk to the gym. Materials will be placed on tables by grade level and staff will be on hand to help out.
  • Please wear a face covering and practice social distancing while on campus. Thank you!
  • Once you get your materials, please exit as soon as you can so we can keep the flow of traffic moving.

If you have any library books remaining at your home from the 2019-20 school year, this would be a great time to drop them off. Mrs. Miller will be so happy to see her books! If you cannot make the scheduled time tomorrow, please connect with your child’s teacher or the front office about an alternate time to stop by.

Thanks again for your continued flexibility as we adjust to all that is being thrown at us. We know that you’re juggling so much, as well. Our staff are excited to see any kids who ride along for the pick-up!

See you tomorrow, 9/16, sometime between 8:30 and 12:15.