Welcome to Hamilton Creek School! Home of the Cougars!

“Pursuing Excellence for Every Student Every Day!”

The staff welcomes you to Hamilton Creek School. We want you to enjoy your years here and hope the challenges you face encourage you to do your best in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We want you to take pride in Hamilton Creek School, appreciating the diversity present in our school. We want Hamilton Creek School to be a safe place for all students, and we encourage you to come to school each day ready to give it your best. We will help you be successful and to celebrate your successes!

Hamilton Creek School is Committed to Safety, Personal Growth and Achievement and Positive Relationships.

Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) for Students

Hamilton Creek strives to create a safe, caring learning community that promotes the social, emotional and academic development for all students. The school staff has identified three behavioral expectations that each student will follow to help build successful learning environments.

  • BE SAFE!

Students at Hamilton Creek show SAFE behaviors when they engage in self control, think before acting, accept responsibility, treat others kindly and accept directions and limits from staff.

BEING SAFE includes the virtues of integrity, initiative, flexibility, perseverance, orderliness, humor, helpfulness, responsibility, patience, cooperation and caring.

Students at Hamilton Creek show RESPECTFUL behaviors when they use appropriate language, accept differences, respect personal space and property, empathize with others and settle conflicts in non-threatening ways.

BEING RESPECTFUL includes the virtues of integrity, friendliness, cooperation, flexibility, perseverance, patience, caring, compassion, consideration and courtesy.

Students at Hamilton Creek show RESPONSIBILITY when they keep the school clean, care for all property, and agree to follow school expectations.

BEING RESPONSIBLE includes the virtues of cleanliness, commitment, diligence, determination, generosity, helpfulness and self-discipline.