Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

Traffic Flow

Extreme traffic congestion occurs at Hamilton Creek School before and after school. School buses are arriving and departing, parents are arriving for meetings with teachers and many vehicles are arriving to drop children off at school or to pick them up. A traffic management plan has been designed to expedite traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents. We need your patience and cooperation!! Please work with us in trying to ensure the safety of everyone!

  • The west traffic loop in front of the school is reserved for SCHOOL BUSES ONLY. Absolutely NO student drop off or pick up!
  • The south traffic loop/parking lot is reserved for PASSENGER LOADING / UNLOADING.
  • The south traffic loop is one way, with traffic flowing east to west and around.
  • To drop off or pick up students, pull forward as far as possible in the passenger loading/unloading lane and quickly load or unload. Please have students leave from the passenger side of the car closest to the side walk for safety.
  • If you need extra time to write a note, run into the office, etc., please park in a parking spot so as not to delay traffic.
  • If your passengers are not waiting when you pull in to pick them up, please drive back around and reenter the traffic loop, and/or park in the parking lot. Please do not park in the passenger loading/unloading lane.